InSofa’s founders were driven by passion for raw materials and their selection, attention to detail, and study of new shapes and ergonomics. This is what makes us reach even higher level of comfort and product longevity.

Every creation is the result of our professionals in the field expertise.

Our 700 highly qualified employees produce more than 800 sofas, beds, sofa beds and armchairs everyday, with more than 1,000 different combinations of leather and fabric. Such figures are but the tip of the iceberg, and have much to tell about the reliability and flexibility of our production departments. All the needs of our customer are attentively met, from design to size and from upholstery to padding.



We are always ready to experiment new shapes and styles thanks to the innovative solutions invented by our designers.

Wood cut

Thanks to the materials used to assemble the frame, we ensure our products enjoy longevity and durability.

Cut / Padding

Paddings are skillfully shaped, and the most appropriate materials are used, depending on their flexibility and ability to follow the shapes of your body. We use polyurethane foam with specific molds for each individual component, so to ensure comfort and durability.


Attention to details and customisation are not the only features we offer to all our clients. If you trust us with the production of your upholstered furniture, as sofas, beds, sofa beds and armchairs, such important for your rooms, we guarantee an all-inclusive service satisfying all your expectations.

Fabrics and Leathers

We offer a wide range of fabrics and leathers of different styles and colours, as well as a combination of exclusive and innovative textures that meet InSofa’s unique quality standards.

Cutting-edge technology

InSofa uses cutting-edge technologies at every stage of the upholstery cutting cycle (digitalization, placement, cutting and unloading) ensuring high efficiency and excellent performances.


Long-lasting materials, quality fabrics, and a variety of fine leather textures are available for you to create the design solution that best suits your needs and meets the highest industry standards.


Every furniture item we make benefits from the value we add to it: attention to detail, superb craftsmanship, as well as the selection of the best raw materials.


Moreover, InSofa manages all transactions, arranges deliveries, and deals with customers in a responsive and adaptive fashion.


InSofa stands out among European furniture item producers because of the values that have always guided the development of our industries, ever since their foundation. Such values are the quality of our finished product and that of the materials we use. Thanks to our commitment to to offer quality produce at affordable prices, our catalogue is always updated to reflect the most recent market trends.